Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Utagawa Kuniyoshi was one of masters of the ukiyo-e school of woodblock printing, in mid-nineteenth century. Beginning of twenty first century, the Royal Academy of Arts opens this fantastic exhibition so I can come and admire this "small" collection.

Small, they say, but I was wearing new clogs and my feet were killing me. Never mind, it was worthy the pain. Jaw dropping stuff, great. I Iearned that the warrior prints are called musha-e and that the humorous ones "crazy pictures" are called kyōga.

This Japanese masters, honestly. I need to see someone working on this technique. Nana Shiomi, a printmaker I know, sometimes has made demonstrations, but I always miss them! dammit.

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diego molina said...

Está hermosa la ropita! Gracias, gracias. Te esperamos!