Monday, 30 March 2009


My last project in ceramics this term was a day in the life of Machete narrated in a series of blue tiles. I love blue dutch tiles.
So in the first two here you can see Machete waking up and having a cup of tea.

Then a visit to the loo while reading comics, followed by a good hour working out.

Feeding the cat. Rehearsing Bach's Bouree with the mandolin.

In the evening fighting a few rounds against Navajas in La Coliseo arena, and finishing a hard day with a good portion of chips.


Martha, la de siempre said...

Sencillamente ¡Genial!

Mario C said...

yo un fan te saludo

jazmin velasco said...

Je je. Gracias chicos. Gracias. Siempre tan piropeadores ustedes dos ♥♥

Buluc-Chabtan said...

pero que cosas tan bellas haces! me llena de orgullo que mexicanas talentosas den la cara por el paĆ­s, felicidades!!!