Wednesday, 11 March 2009

the Glasgow style

Even though it was *&^%$ freezing, I enjoyed a long weekend in Glasgow.

It was a musical trip as always. All our friends there are musicians and I even had a bongo intensive course. Freddy was teaching me.

Freddy is the leader of a crazy band called MacUmba. They play samba with bagpipes and is a real trip. Check it out here.

It was also a Charles Rennie Mackintosh weekend. I could finally go to the School of Art that Mackintosh designed and one of the houses in the Hunterian Art Gallery. The tour girl (who is a student in the school) told us about all the little details and the passion that Mackintosh had for nature and perfection and the fascination and influence that Japan played in his design and concepts.

Mackintosh rocks.


Tim Budden said...

Macumba sound great! Thanks for the introduction. Interesting how a Mexican living in London has introduced a Scottish band to a Welshman living in Taiwan! What does this tell us about the world? What a fab place!

jazmin velasco said...

Yes, good huh? Moreover the band is Scottish-Brazilian-Argentinian... I think.
You are right, what a wonderful world ♬