Monday, 16 February 2009

Canterbury II

I guess the idea of going to Canterbury came to us when we watched The Canterbury Tales by Pasolini last week.

Quite weird. With all the medievalisms you can expect like farting, pissing, strong language and nakedeness galore.

I got a very nice copy of the Prologue of the Canterbury Tales. It's got many illustrations from the Ellesmere manuscript. I'd love to do something with the characters. Perhaps a long print just in black and white, a woodcut. In the style of the mural that David Gentleman made for the Charing Cross station.

I'd also like to understand what it says but in a paragraph I may just recognize one or two words. Check this:

A good wif was ther of biside Bathe,
But she was somdel deef, and that was scathe.
Of clooth-makyng she hadde swich an haunt
She passed hem of Ypres and of Gaunt.


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Mario C said...

Gracias por ilustrarme,