Sunday, 25 January 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Aaah, superstitions, superstitions, I can't help it. I paid an obligatory visit to ChinaTown to get lucky bamboos and other lucky things and -by the way- to get more bottles of my favourite oyster sauce. Yum yum.

In case you didn't know, to receive the Chinese New Year properly the entire house should be cleaned and the brooms and dusters have to be put away IMPORTANT NOTE: The cleaning must be made before. Strictly forbidden to clean on the day.

All debts have to be paid before this date (have you all paid your taxes?) Apparently you should avoid crying that day and not to wash the hair as then you will wash the good luck away. Don't use knives or scissors as that also cuts the fortune away. We should be wearing red clothes.

Also keep your ears ready as the best of the luck comes when you hear birds first thing in the morning, specially red birds. Uff! too much.

All the best for 4706!

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