Thursday, 8 January 2009


The lost habit of reading came back in earnest to my life. In the past I always read more than one book at a time but now I'm reading about five books at the same time!

One of them is La mano del fuego, by Alberto Ruy Sanchez. I was keeping it for the trip to Oman, as it is about a writer who is studying an Arabic Kama Sutra. It's also about ceramics, fire, lovers... This book is about the fire of passion.

There are some books that seem to be there to remind us the senses we give for granted. When I read The Perfume, of Patrick Suskind I felt as if suddenly I learn to smell. I have very bad sense of smell but I remember that my nose worked better back then.

Well, with this book is more or less the same, but about the sense of touch. Not just the sense of touching with hands, but also touching with the mind, with the eyes and with the heart. Really good, bloody hell, I won't say more as I'm still reading it.

Here you can see the pictures Colin took for me to see what I missed and the hand of Jamsa I asked him to bring me. This hand is a symbol that appears all through the book.


ALBERTO said...

Muchísimas gracias Jazmín. Es muy conmovedor tu comentario y te lo agradezco enormemente. En pocas palabras dices lo que es el libro. Y las imágenes me encantan. De verdad muy agradecido.

jazmin velasco said...

Eh, no, un placer. Me está encantando el libro.
Ahora voy a tener que mandar pedir los cuatro anteriores, caray.

Mario C said...

" is not down in any map, true places never are"
de Hermann Melvie en Moby Dick.
Es un buen libro para esta época...
Saludos tantos

Mario C said...
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jazmin velasco said...

Ya, y es otro que está en la lista. Ese me lo leí en una edición de "Tesoros de la Literatura Juvenil" con un montón de muñequitos. Ahora me lo leeré en inglés serio.