Tuesday, 13 January 2009

books II, Master & Commander

Tuesday 13, winds variable, SE by S, course S50W, distance 63 miles - latitude 42°32'N, longitude 4°17'E. Exercising the great guns.

Since I boarded the Sophie and this book about three weeks ago, I had to become acquaintance with complicated words like cross catharpings, topgallants, fo'c'slemen, fore stays'ls and so on. I'm grateful to God that Dr. Maturin came on board at the same time, so he can keep asking the meaning of all this to the other able seamen. He and captain Aubrey have become best of friends which is very convenient as the whole series of 20 books is about this deep, beautiful and unlike friendship between these two very different men.

When I moved to London I had to get rid of most of my books and brought with me just a little selection. One of them was Treasure Island. I always felt a fascination for all things nautical and probably was one of the many reasons for moving to this island. Now that I've been introduced to this collection of historical novels my knowledge of that time, of the English society and etiquette, the way of speaking and etc will increase. Tra la la ♫♬♪

But as I said, the battles I fight are not against the Spaniards but every page I have to wrestle with words, verbs, paragraphs and sometimes entire pages.

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