Monday, 24 November 2008


My good friend Marta has just sent me two issues of my favourite, the magnificient, sublime magazine Artes de Mexico.
I need to study this to find where I come from and where I'm going to with my poor new ceramic skills. And look what Octavio Paz wrote there for me:
"The artist of old wanted to be like his predecessors, to make himself worthy of them through imitation. The modern artist wants to be different; his homage to tradition is to deny it."
Uuuuh, I'm going to enjoy this.


Martha, la de siempre said...

Chula Jazmín!! Me alegra que sí te hayan llegado las revistas que tanto anhelabas... Y la cita de Paz me parece perfecta para ti. Anhelo ver pronto tus nuevas piezas de cerámica después de estas lecturas y vistas... Va un abrazo muy cariñoso!

Mario C said...

JVcita, y ahora con qué te pago el trueque... unos granos de café?
Mis saludos

marie-louise said...

Yes, it's so much to learn...and I love it!