Sunday, 9 November 2008


It started to rain while I was cycling in front of the British Museum, so I thought it was the best excuse to get there and have a good drawing session. Not an easy task with so many tourists on Sunday. Grrrr.

All good but then I went to the Japanese room. There is a space curated by Julian Opie and it includes a piece made by him. It's a digital screen with an animation of a landscape, Lake Motosu with Mount Fuji in the background, a view from route 300. The thing is that you can just here very subtle noises and notice also very subtle things happening. Some reflects on the water, birds far away, the leaves of the tree in the foreground. Beautiful.

But I hate Julian Opie. I've been hating him for a while. He keeps doing things I wish occurred to me before!


Mario C said...

Ja, Jazmin, es bueno el tal Opie, tú eres mejor

diego molina said...

Hola Jotavé!
No lo tenía al Opie, me metí en su blog y me acabo de dar cuenta de que hizo los dibujos de un disco de Blur que tengo; siempre me habían gustado y no sabía de quien eran... igual tu no cantas tan mal las rancheras!!
Un abrazo y saludos a Colin

Jazmin Velasco said...

Hola chicos. Buenisimo el Opie, no? Colin lo detesta pero a mi me cae bien. Besos.