Friday, 3 October 2008

gocco exhibition

The exhibition of Gocco Artists starts today in Here Gallery , Bristol. The Press Release says:

For over 25 years, the Print Gocco screen-printing system has been used in Japan. The small plastic device is a self contained screen printing set-up, consisting of an exposure unit, pre-coated screens and inks. Originally marketed for making greeting cards and sold in toy stores, appreciation for the Gocco system has grown amongst artists who cannot afford, or don’t have the space for a traditional screen-printing equipment.

We feel that the accessibility of Print Gocco reflects our own DIY ethos in running a gallery, and so have chosen to celebrate our Fifth anniversary with a group show of Gocco based artwork. To accompany the exhibition, we will be releasing a portfolio of Gocco prints, produced in a signed and numbered edition of 50, collected in a custom made presentation box.

We’ve selected artists who look beyond the limitations of the device, to show that it can also be used to produce fine art works. Those involved are from a range of disciplines; textile design, fine art, illustration, graphic design, and animation.

And the artists are: Arctic Circles, Jill Bliss, Simon Dovar, Rob Flowers, Imakethings, Yellena James, Xtina Lamb, Magic Jelly, Mark Pawson, Nigel Peake, Peskimo, Aaron Sewards, Lucie Sheridan, Julie West, and me!


Mario C said...

sigue anda sigue,

Jazmin Velasco said...

vamos a Bristol, anda. No hay montanas por ahi que quieras subir?