Thursday, 7 August 2008

Bloody slugs!

I hate slugs. I think they are &^%£* and &*$% and they deserve to be cut in half. All of them.
They've been eating my basil, my coriander and my chillies and all the flowers to their hearts content. I've been even dreaming about it.
But ha! they don't know what is going to happen soon. Look at the future here, the moment when the attack of the Nematobe Mutantis starts.
Hey, I like that. I can use that name as another masked wrestler: El Nematoba Mutante.


Mario C said...

¡Y pelararán 10 rounds, sin límite de tiempo, en una esquina Mighty Slug y en la otra JV!

Christine said...

Bvdr. I hope the fight will be short but deadly. Go Nematoba Mutante!