Monday, 28 July 2008

training Sami

Muffin is the new kitten on the block.
This morning he came into the house to introduce himself and steal Sami's breakfast. After a while Sami came and very politely said hello to his new neighbour but bloody Muffin started to shout at him! In his own house!
So I had to intervene and removed the cat who had the mouth full of chicken and liver cookies.

I'm very sad and disappointed so I had to take the gloves and pads out of the bag to teach Sami to defend himself of bullies like that.

By the way, I have another nominated for the Brillante Weblog thing. Tim Buden is a Welshman living in Taiwan and has a patience I will never have. He makes amazing paper cut artwork, go and check it out.

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diego molina said...

Hermosa la relaciĆ³n entre el gatito y el collage.