Monday, 2 June 2008

Varnishing Ceremony

That was quite an experience. A lovely one.
All the selected artists for the Summer Exhibition in the Royal Academy of Arts had a ceremony in St. Pauls Church. Then we went back to the Royal Academy and I had the opportunity to find my print. It is located in quite a good spot, fortunately, good luck to it.
I found Nana Shiomi in the crowd, another printmaker, whose work I admire a lot, and a couple more from Greenwich.
Nana and I were sitting next to Norman Ackroyd in the church and in the awards speech I discovered Tracey Emin to my left.
When I was in my fifth glass of bubbly rose I couldn't help it and went to shake her hand and tell her that it was a pleasure to meet her. I'm so ordinary sometimes...
Here in the pictures you can see Nana and one of her pieces above her head. Then there is my little Machete and in the next one my reflection on a Jeff Koon's egg.
Also in the room that Tracey Emin curated there was that pink piece which made me laugh, can you see what it is?

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Mario C said...

Bien JV.
QuĆ© admiraciĆ³n. Con saludos tantos.