Monday, 19 May 2008

IF: wide

This time, instead of Illustration Friday I'm going to make Comic Friday. Using the topic of this week, WIDE, I'll make a story of it and print it as a mini comic. I may make a whole series of it if I'm in the mood in the next weeks (or if I have time).
So, anyway, here are the cover and the first two pages.


johanna said...

ooh machete's adventures!

Mario C said...

que, qué: si tienes tiempo. Nop. Anda síguele.

neil said...

Really cool Jazmin. I like the use of grey tones. Marvellous work!

Tim Budden said...

Great! I want more, more, more! He doesn't need to stop with the Jehova's witness.
Love the fluidity of your drawing - very natural.