Tuesday, 15 April 2008

mural CCE

While I was in Mexico, Dr. Alderete invited me to join a project in which five artists make a group mural every three or four months in the Centro Cultural España. Now that I more or less recovered of the severe jet lag and that I still have a battery full on I made six roughs for him... these are just a couple.
By the way, he is another one of those incredibly talented Argentinian illustrators. His work is hilarious, you have to see it. He also co-owns a design-shop-gallery where my luchador prints are available now too. My first gallery in Mexico! tra lala.


Nora said...

Your work is fabulous! I'm taking a printmaking class right now and I love it. I think I like linocuts the most cause it is so rewarding! Anyway, congrats for being in a gallery. That's great! talk to you later!

Mario C said...

Capítulo 7, Rayuela. Julio Cortázar. Revisitado por JV. Brava.