Thursday, 27 March 2008

name: Alejandro Magallanes
Who is he?
A crazy designer, artist, animator and much more... He is one of the most prolific creators I know. His posters and books are everywhere in Mexico and he's won I don't know how many prizes and awards around the world, I think he won a super award in Bologna this year.
He gave me one of his last creations, Castaneda, that yellow guy above and showed me his amazing animations that are showing right now on TV and in some exhibitions he's had. He is in the process of making a feature animation for next year.

He also showed me one of the books he illustrated last year which is one the publisher took away from me! I can't be angry with him. The book was fantastic as everything he does.
Magallanes along with his other two associates in La Maquina del Tiempo are very critical and aware of politics and injustice so they spend a good deal of time and effort making posters and other stuff to support movements and criticise the baddies.

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