Wednesday, 27 February 2008

A new print is born

I woke up thinking that I've abandoned my print gocco for too long. And it's about time to do a new print. Yes sir! So first thing in the morning still in pijamas I landed in the studio to prepare paper. On fine somerset I glued that fantastic kind of tissue yellowish paper that I get in Chinatown.

Then I made the image. As I've been thinking in my uncle Roy and probably because I'm about to go to Mexico, I illustrated "la Tapatia" which is a wrestling famous lock in Lucha Libre. The original art I made in scrapboard. I got loads of tools for this, but at the end a simple, humble cutter makes the job better than anything.

Then after finding a good photocopy place to reproduce the image ZAP! I made the master screen. And the prints multiplied themselves like tortillas.

Looking good, uh? Then as I have more linos than screens for gocco I started to make the rest of the image and colours in lino plates.

So this is the result so far. It's late and I'm tired. Let's see how it changes tomorrow.


Mario C said...

very good work, congratulations, when are you coming to mexico?

diego molina said...

Te quedó espectacular!

Tenos said...
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Jazmin Velasco said...

Gracias chicos, gracias. Un beso a cada uno.

Aterrizo en Mexico el 19 de marzo. Lista para mezcal, tequila, chelas, tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos del kaliman, chilaquiles, pozole, birria, mole, tortas ahogadas, tamales, tlacoyos y playa!

Allison said...

What a great process! Thanks for showing that.

~Stella said...

What a cool combination of different printing techniques! Great photos!