Saturday, 3 November 2007


Done. The exhibition looked quite ok and the place was packed. The usual suspects came to be with me and drink some champagne. Great Fun Great.
Very good comments so far and lots of interest. I think again, some good things will come out of this. There are some guys there in Hoxton Square who own another gallery and make a newspaper every three months or so and want me to be involve in it. That will be fun, to draw for a newspaper again...
I think everything looked as expected, the prints in tissue paper, the wall of ex-votos, the altar for Gertrudis (the Ghost of the Cafe) and my Chiapaneca outfit were colourful and Mexican enough.
Now I hope I can relax after a string of crazy months. With the black belt training and exam, the Open Studio, the Affordable Art Fair and Macondo I feel half dead.

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