Tuesday, 11 September 2007

11 days to go

Today I pray to Kwan Kung God of War.
Kwan Ti (later known as Kwan Kung) is the most famous war general in the history of China. He is perceived as China's finest military heroes, and was elevated to the rank of God of War in 1594, becoming one of the most popular deities in China. Kwan Kung is the embodiment of power, strength, integrity, and honor. Kwan Kung not only bestows a strong force of protection, his presence brings about status, fortune and confidence. Kwan Kung is feared by all evil and revered by all who are sincere at heart. No evil may lurk in the presence of the God of War. Kwan Kung protects the righteous and defends the innocent.
And I hope it protects the unconfident students of martial arts who are about to do an exam of black belt.
Last night I was sick worried. I thought I may fall ill again. But I guess it was just nerves. I didn't feel very fit in the class and my partner doesn't know much of the syllabus.
I shouldn't worry about that, but I can't help it.

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