Monday, 14 May 2007

Hard Training

And in the side of the martial arts, my teacher Bob Breen told me that it was about time that I do my black belt grading. I wasn't sure I was ready, looking at myself in the mirror with all those extra kilos from Mexico, terribly unfit unmotivated but flattered though, I came home and read:
The difference between a warrior and an ordinary person is that the warrior sees everything as a challenge while an ordinary person sees everything as a blessing or a curse.
So I didn't have an option, did I? I said yes and paid for the International Seminar this weekend. The only woman with 20 other guys. My neck hurts and I got loads of bruises everywhere but it was worthy. I'm also on a strict diet with food supplements, vitamins, meditation, extra t'ai chi lessons with my teacher and my friend Carl was appointed my personal coach.
Oh and it was Bob's 40 years of fighting and teaching party last week, so he asked me a design for t-shirts.

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Mario C said...

Ésa es la Jazmin que quiero escuchar a la voz de ya...
Epa ajua, anda, arriba arriba, ¿y mi exlibris? anda.